Planet A is all we have, the protective bubble that gives us safe haven, as we orbit the Sun, just one of millions of Stars that bathes us in lifegiving energy



Even if we do find a Planet 'B' we must still cherish Planet 'A' - a miracle on our doorstep that is taken for granted




Acid oceans - Frying our fish stocks with increasingly acidic seawater

Are we alone in the Universe, or is there other intelligent life out there?

B - Reserve planet that we have not yet found, to migrate to and colonize

Blue Growth - Growing maritime exploitation sustainably, EU Europa

Burning towns and cities, forest and bush fires

Cancer - From a world filled with particulates and cumulative toxins

Cannibalism - Where we are headed if food supplies fail

Circular Economics - The United Nations' ideal for world peace

Climate change - A phenomenon partly caused by burning fossil fuels

Conservation - Working towards an ecologically sound planet

Deserts - Turning arable farmland into desert wastes

Electricity - The highest and lowest energy prices on planet earth

Exploration - Looking for life in other galaxies

Geography - A to Z atlas of countries on earth

Global warming - Something we must contain

Hydrogen - Green renewable, virtually inexhaustible energy source

Infrastructure - Energy storage and provision for vehicles and vessels

Jumanji - They have three lives, you only have one

JVH2™ - The SolarSport HydroRacer™, world's fastest PV and H2 powered ship

           - Market analysis - Financial projections

Klimatet - Skolstrejk, movement started by Greta Thunberg at the age of 15

Leadership - World politicians looking to adequately protect species on earth: biodiversity

Levels - Sea levels rising, islands flooding and freak floods, or weather conditions

Marine conservation - Protecting fish, marine mammals and flora

Melting ice caps - A tragedy, even affecting the Antarctic

Nations - The United Nations role as a force for good on earth

Oceans - At risk, unless we act to protect them

Planet Earth - Tech stuff about the blue planet we call home

Plastics - Carcinogenic polyolefin's & bio-accumulation in our food sources

Pollution - Poisoning of mother earth and our food supplies

Pothole Politics - Not maintaining sustainable policies, or investment in our future

Questions - We should be asking ourselves as to where we are headed as a species

Responsible corporations - Companies engaging positively for a better future

Rivers -

Robots - Helping us to explore inhospitable regions


Space - Exploration, looking for a reserve planet, and understanding of the universe

Sun, the - Source of all energy on earth: Ra

Sustainable development - Not overspending or over-borrowing; balancing the books

Time - Is running out: Tempus Fugit; "tide and time waits for no man"

United Nations - An international body that means well on climate & pollution issues

Vehicles - Mobility for all free of pollution

Water - Covers 70% of the planet, as oceans, rivers and seas

X Factor - Politicians who understand and mesh with circular economics

Yabonga - Yes, we can do it

Zebras - Black and white, not grey













There is no Planet B, there is only Planet A




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